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zero setup lightning

Hosted lightning wallet (testnet) to make instant bitcoin transactions, pay nearby invoices and pay other lastbit users instantly.

Credit Cards

A demonstration of how credit cards satsback with lightning would work. Testable with

private bitcoin wallet

A full non-custodial Bitcoin wallet (testnet) with support for RBF, CPFP, Bech32, Segwit and Legacy addresses.

Debit cards

Lightning powered demo debit cards. Testable with

What Users said

(This is a testnet only application. We do not need or save user identifiable information)

"Well, a good product deserves a good words. The design could be improved a little later, would be nice to have a darker theme option. But that is just a sidelines. Most important the internals and so far it is spanking brilliant"
"Good update, can't wait to get my hands on a physical card and pro subscription 🙂"
"Very promising. Can't wait to try out the mainnet version and recommend to others"
"Love what you are building. Will you have an API available with which we could send sats for our users directly to Lastbit wallets?"