Powerful & easy-to-use hardware and software

As easy as using a debit card. Seamlessly pay at any POS terminal with crypto.


lastbit Hodler

Secure offline storage for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Monero, Cardano, NANO and more. BIP 174 ready for quick NFC transaction swaps. Completely open source with a DIY guide.


Cold Storage

Store Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Monero, Cardano, NANO and IOTA (More to be added) securely. Secure element for BIP 174 PSBT signing and micro-SD secure element to backup your seed offline.

Portfolio and Wallet Tracking

Works with the lastbit Hodler mobile application to update balances, track portfolios, provide AI backed insights and interact with the Hodler device.

BIP 174 + NFC

Partially sign a transaction offline and pass it on to another Hodler owner instantly with a single tap, who can then broadcast it.


lastbit LSB

Augment your Ledger/Trezor wallet to pay at POS terminals.

Always control your keys

The Ledger/Trezor security model ensures that you and only you control your keys at all times.

IOT/NFC enabled

Connected devices, pushes remote transactions to your device. Pay at POS terminals with crypto, as easy as using a debit card. Simply enter your PIN and confirm.

Instant Bitcoin transactions

A secure element ensures encrypted IOT authentication to make instant bitcoin transactions at POS terminals with micro-payment channels.

lastbit MSB

A complete standalone device capable of securely storing a multitude of crypto-currencies and spending them anytime, anywhere, without giving up control of your funds.


Ultra-secure & Open-Source

Bank grade secure elements to backup your keys and establish secure connections. All our code is publicly verifiable.

Easy to use

Sending crypto/fiat is as easy as sending a Facebook message. For example: “Send 1 BTC to bob@lastbit” and simply confirm the remote transaction pushed to your device.


Micro-payment channels for instant bitcoin transactions at any POS terminal, irrespective of whether the merchant accepts crypto. The MSB emulates a mag-stripe card or uses NFC where possible.


Send/Receive/Accept Crypto/Fiat currencies


Instant Payments

The lastbit Bridge service is integrated onto lastbit hardware and converts crypto to fiat seamlessly under the hood. As easy as using a debit card. Simply enter a PIN and pay for your purchase. No confirmations required, no waiting.


Sending crypto is as easy as sending a Facebook message to lastbit – “Send 1BTC to bob@lastbit”. A transaction is then pushed to your device. See the upfront exchange rate and simply confirm it with your PIN.

Real exchange rate

Convert crypto -> fiat at the lowest possible real instant exchange rate. We bear the risk of volatility and you get the best possible price.