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Transparent & Flexible Pricing

More bitcoin back, physical cards, privacy focused virtual card numbers and more. Pay your subscription fees in Bitcoin!



One virtual card
One Lightning Wallet
No fees upto €200 in topups
Real spot FX rate


5Per month
Unlimited Virtual Cards
Upto 5 Lightning Wallets
Upto 1% in Bitcoin cashback
No fees upto €2000 in topups
Free physical card
Priority Support
Auto buy Bitcoin @ real FX rate
Real spot FX rate

General Fees & Limits

  • Card Usage (Domestic)
  • Card Usage (International)
  • Lightning to Fiat (Free version)
    3% + €0.95
  • Lightning to Fiat (Pro version)
  • Daily Limit
  • Monthly Limit
  • Per Transaction Limit

Frequently Asked Questions

The first 1000 users to join our private beta and actually test the app out and help us improve it, get a free pro subscription. Sign up for the beta below.