How to Spend Bitcoin in Austria

If you are here because you live in Austria (or Europe, for that matter) and have Bitcoin, I will venture a guess: you are ready to get out there, put the lockdowns aside, and travel, or at least get your city life back! And more so, you want to be able to do so by spending your well earned Bitcoin. Worry not, if you do not have clarity on how to do so yet, we do! And we are here to help.

People in the Bitcoin world have pretty much figured out how to invest, store and do transactions with Bitcoin. More recently, many Bitcoiners have also been attracted to earning interest on their Bitcoin holdings. But what about actually buying real goods and services? So far, that has remained a rather elusive task due to Bitcoin’s technological limitation. Not anymore.


“How can I spend Bitcoin easily?”

You can easily spend Bitcoin by going to Bitcoin friendly stores or, even better, acquiring a lightning powered debit card, such as Lastbit’s Card.

I know. You probably love to HODL your coins and never let them go! And that’s great, up to an extent, but you may be missing out on Bitcoin’s other potential.

Bitcoin started out as a new form of payment for the world, and in order for it to become sound money it is imperative to use it as a means of payment and not just a store of value. With that in mind, there are many good ways to spend Bitcoin. Instead of just HODLing your Bitcoin, you can be a part of the true Bitcoin-based economy by spending some satoshis in the real world. In fact, being able to spend Bitcoin will enable you to hold much more of your savings in it, because they will be easily accessible!

To answer all your questions, here are some ways to spend Bitcoin in Austria:

Can I spend Bitcoin directly in stores?

While it’s true that most major retailers are not yet ready to start accepting Bitcoin as payment, there are still a number of stores and brands both online and offline that accept payments in Bitcoin, the most popular brands to accept Bitcoin include Wikipedia, Microsoft, AT&T, Gyft among others.

You can also find out the stores near you that accept Bitcoin using Bitcoinwide. Luckily, Europe is seeing more and more adoption every day. You can also find some online merchants here.

That said, ideally you should just be able to use Bitcoin anywhere you want, instead of chasing specific stores. Luckily for you, that’s a reality since the launch of the latest Bitcoin debit cards.

Is there a debit card to spend Bitcoin?

Yes, there are. Bitcoin Lightning-powered debit cards enable you to spend anywhere, instantly. One such card is Lastbit’s. Instead of the usual gimmicks, like pre-paid gift cards, these enable you to truly transfer your Bitcoin on the last second before paying.

These cards were conceived as a response to the inconvenience of searching for Bitcoin-friendly stores. There had to be a better way of spending today, instead of waiting for everyone to adopt Bitcoin. If people are accostumed to use debit and credit cards in Europe, why not enable them to keep doing so?

Now, you can spend your Bitcoin even on merchants that don’t necessarily accept it. You can even choose to spend Bitcoin online using a Virtual debit card! In fact, you can literally spend Bitcoin on any Mastercard POS device across the world. This is possible only thanks to the latest technology.

The Lastbit Bitcoin Debit Card allows you to top up a card using your Bitcoin, either through an on-chain transaction or through instant top-ups with the super-fast lightning network. In fact, its versatility allows you to top it up with any wallet of your preference. You may use Lastbit’s Lite online bitcoin wallet, or any other that you like. We understand that everyone has their own needs, so declaring that there is a “Best Crypto Wallet for Android or IOS” would be bold. Instead, we want you to choose whichever you are most comfortable with.

You can then go ahead and spend your Bitcoin (which is stored in the form of Euros in the card) anywhere in the world, as long as they accept Mastercard (which essentially everyone does).

What more can you do with Bitcoin?

You can travel, by booking flights, cruises and hotels. You can buy gift cards from many well-known brands, and you can play videogames! In fact, some of these games actually reward you in Bitcoin!

Traveling with Bitcoin

You can use bitcoins to book cruises and flights to travel around the world. There are several flight companies accepting bitcoin payments, which you can use to book tickets to different countries. Some of the travel and flight booking sites where you can spend your Bitcoin are Cheapair, Travelbybit, Airbaltic and Airtreks, though there are likely many more.

You can even book hotels with Bitcoin, which is highly convenient, as you can forget about problematic or abusive foreign exchange rates. Usually, when we travel internationally, a major problem is the currency of the country. With Bitcoin that becomes a thing of the past. Recently Binance, the world’s largest Crypto exchange launched the hotels feature in their platform where you can book hotels worldwide using Crypto.

Buying Gift Cards with Bitcoin

Another sneaky way to spend Bitcoin across multiple well-known brands is through Gift cards. The idea is simple – you buy gift cards with your Bitcoin and then use the gift card whenever you are shopping at the particular brand.

A company that has cracked this method of spending Bitcoin is Bitrefill. You can buy Gift cards from over 750 major brands including Amazon, Ikea, Apple, Nike, among many others.

To make life easier for you, you can actually use the Bitrefill features within the Lastbit app, by accessing the marketplace integration. It’s everything in one place: You can buy gift cards directly on the Lastbit app with your existing Euros or Bitcoin account without the hassle of going elsewhere or sending Bitcoin.

Playing Games with Bitcoin, and even earning it!

If anyone ever said Bitcoin couldn’t be fun, they clearly never found out about Bitcoin gaming. For the high stakes players there is a wide array of casinos, and for the casual ones there are many fun games to spend time, and they may even reward you in Sats!

Betting with Bitcoin is highly advantageous, as it allows you to make anonymous transaction, so you need not worry about getting your identity revealed. Bitcoin allows you to enjoy online gambling with great convenience, as it is highly accessible and you can make transactions anytime and anywhere. If gambling is not your thing, worry not. There’s alternative for you.

Some of the cool games where you can spend your Bitcoin in-game include Satoshis gamesLightniteJoltfun, among others.

You can also spend Bitcoin indirectly by buying gift cards of gaming platforms such as Steam, Playstation, Fortnite, Roblox, and others on Bitrefill, which combines the gift card and gaming experience.


In any case, do not worry about how to spend your well earned Bitcoin, for ways there are many. Instead, download the Lastbit Cards App and book your Bitcoin debit card today. And if you get the Lite app as well, you’ll have the complete Lastbit’s Bitcoin Wallet with Debit Card experience.

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