Who doesn’t want free Bitcoin?!

Bitcoin is one of the best-performing assets in the last decade, while buying and investing are great ways to get your hands on some satoshis there is many other ways to get Bitcoin. And as everything else in life there is no free lunch, one has put some effort when it comes to earning free Bitcoins.

In the earlier days of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Faucets were available that gave away a bunch of Bitcoin for free. (Faucets are websites where you get some free satoshis to take certain actions like clicking on Ads or gambling) But I would not recommended them because they are either too shady or inconvenient for the most part.

Another major way to earn Bitcoin is through mining which was a viable for a retail user back when you could mine from your laptop or a GPU, but in 2021 the difficulty to mine has increased a lot, you have to invest a lot of money in setting up the equipment and in electricity expenses to mine any Bitcoin.

So are you telling me that it is impossible to earn Bitcoin? Of course not!

We got you, here are some ways in which you can earn Bitcoin in Italy:

1. Get paid in Bitcoin

The best way to earn Bitcoin is by working for Bitcoin, what do I mean?

Start accepting payments in Bitcoin for your work from your employer, now you can do this in two ways

  1. By forcing your employer to send a portion of your salary in Bitcoin (which seems like a difficult task especially if your employer is not familiar with Bitcoin) OR
  2. You could receive your salary to your Lastbit wallet in the form of Euros and convert it instantly into Bitcoin so that you need not worry about the price volatility.

2. Shop and earn Bitcoin

“Shop and earn” is by far one of the fastest ways you can earn free bitcoin when you spend money online. Using Stekking you can earn Bitcoin rewards every time you shop through their website, you can earn upto 20% in Bitcoin back by shopping on website including Microsoft, ebay, fiverr, booking, etc.

Since stekking is already a part of the Lastbit Marketplace you can easily access it on the Lastbit Lite app without worrying about transferring your earned bitcoin to any other wallet. Your earned bitcoin is directly deposited onto your Lastbit Bitcoin wallet.

3. Become a Lastbit Affiliate

You can instantly earn upto 25,000 satoshis on every referral you make, here is how you do it

  • Invite your friends. Share your affiliate link, so they can create an account.
  • Get them to opt into the DCA program or the Lastbit card
  • Earn BTC. Your earnings build up and are sent to your affiliate wallet automatically. You can move them to your Lastbit Wallet and cash them out anytime you want.

Signup to Lastbit and get your referral code in the “Earn Bitcoin” section of the app.

4. Play games earn bitcoin

This is by far the most fun way of earning Bitcoin, by playing video games! Bitcoin’s layer 2 Lightning network technology makes microtransactions a reality enabling a whole host of use cases that are really interesting when it comes to gaming.

Companies like Zebedee are on the forefront of building gaming ecosystems around Bitcoin, gamers can now cashout their earnings on games like Counter Strike with the help of Bitcoin’s lightning network. You can also earn some satoshis with simple games like Bitcoin Bounce by THNDR Games.

Some of the awesome games where you can earn Bitcoin include Bitcoin Alien run, spell of genesis, Satoshi Quiz, Bitcoin flip, etc

Earn Bitcoin with flash games – Cointiply, Tremor games.

Earn Bitcoin with trading games – Spark profit 

Earn Bitcoin Playing MMO & Sandbox Games – Bitquest

5. Get paid in Bitcoin for completing micro tasks

Another trend that is gaining momentum is earning Bitcoin for completing micro tasks, for example you can complete tasks such as trying out a new product and leaving reviews, creating content, language translation, etc on Microlancer. Stakwork is another one of such platforms which pays in Bitcoin for completing micro tasks such as Image labeling, Video Annotation, Answering surveys, etc.

Download the Lastbit App to buy Bitcoin with ease.

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