One Global Currency

We want to make it possible to walk into a shop, buy a cup of coffee and pay for it with bitcoin even if the merchant doesn’t accept it.

We are building the lastbit Go to prove to the world that crypto as a currency is the future much like how Tesla built the Roadster to prove that electric cars are the future.



Secure Element

Secure Flash

Security and ease of use is at the core of the Go. Using the latest advancements in microcontroller security we are able to allow the user to safely store funds offline for the long term on a secure element (micro-SD card) while always still being able to spend funds from an on-chip secure wallet isolated by ARM’s TrustZone, all derived from the same mnemonic encrypted and stored on your micro-SD card and on paper.

All of this is however abstracted away to the user to provide maximum usability with a comprehensive and intuitive mobile application (iOS & Android). The lastbit Go operates wirelessly using a secure custom developed BLE stack and NFC in a future revision. Power your Go with Qi charging (optional) meaning you hang it on your keychain, come home at the end of the day and drop your keys on a charging pad.

Optionally one could opt to store all their existing debit/credit cards on the Go allowing for a truly complete digital wallet encompassing fiat and crypto. We have experimented with and planned several features for the Go (Example: NFC card emulation, Magnetic strip spoofing etc.). We are a young team with limited resources and it would be of great value to have your feedback on what you would like to see in the wallet of the future!

Join us in our journey of making crypto mainstream!


As of December 2018, we are a 7 month old company and a team of 5 developers (all of whom have a background deeply rooted in Computer Science and Engineering) and 2 advisors. Lastbit started off as an idea in September 2017 when I (PB) was pursuing a Masters in Computer Science at ETH Zurich in Switzerland. I was simultaneously working with a Swiss payments company and built their entire blockchain tech stack from scratch and during this time saw a huge gaping void between crypto and fiat currencies even in the most financially advanced country in the world. I subsequently began working on building an IOT enabled ultra-secure hardware wallet that can be used to pay at POS terminals and eventually left ETH to pursue this full time. Having spent the first half of 2018 moving back home and working out of my bedroom to build a first prototype before looking for investors, in September 2018 we were accepted into the Buildit Hardware Accelerator in Riga, Latvia and the Brinc Accelerator in Hong Kong, both of whom have invested in us and given us massive invaluable insights into what it takes to build a hardware company, manufacture and scale.

Now, our sole focus is on completing the engineering of the lastbit Go (previously called Hodler) and shipping to early adopters in early 2019. We believe in complete transparency and being a team of crypto user(s) since the early days, we want your feedback on how to make the world’s most secure and friendliest device before we start mass manufacturing!
Our end goal still remains the idea of being able to walk into a shop and spend crypto even if the merchant doesn’t accept it – without compromising on the ideals of Bitcoin, i.e. imagine being able to tap your ledger/trezor wallet against a credit card machine and pay with bitcoin instantly!

The lastbit Go is step 1 in realizing this goal. We have three devices envisioned in our family and the lastbit Go is our first tiny step into this space. Once we have enough users, we launch the second generation device which essentially augments all existing hardware wallets (including the lastbit Go) to let you spend crypto instantly at any POS terminal, straight out of your hardware wallet.

We are a team of  developers and friends who studied together and now live and work together

Prashanth B


Hardware/Software engineer

Ashvin Panicker


UI/UX & App developer

Pratham Mehta

App/Software developer


Kristo Mägi


Ex-Skype, Ex-Deekit

Kaili Kleemeier


Ex-Skype, Ex-Deekit



Nominated for the Young Acheiver at H-Farm’s Bold Awards 2019 in Venice.

Won 3rd place at the InnoEnergy Power up 2019 national pitching contest in Riga