Securely Store and Seamlessly Spend Cryptocurrency

With lastbit hardware, walk into a store and pay with cryptocurrency at any POS terminal irrespective of whether the merchant accepts crypto. It’s easier than using a credit card and you always stay in control of your keys!

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Bridging the gap between crypto-owners and fiat-users

The next logical step in the bitcoin payments life-cycle.


You and ONLY you control your private keys at all times

Ultra-Secure, Open Source

Secure elements for IOT authentication and Key Management. Transparency = Trust.


IOT/NFC enabled.

Send or receive crypto/fiat anytime, anywhere.

User friendly

Powerful and straightforward meant for mainstream adoption. As easy as using a debit card.

The Hodler

Cold storage wallet for BTC/LTC/ETH/XMR/IOTA/NANO/ADA and more. NFC enabled, BIP-174 implemented.

Lastbit LSB

Augment your ledger/trezor to pay at any POS terminal with crypto

lastbit MSB

Complete, standalone, IOT enabled device to store and pay with crypto anytime, anywhere

Key Features

Facilitating Adoption

There simply must exist a seamless transition from fiat to crypto. Our devices are engineered keeping usability and security in mind. This complex solution, allows anybody to securely store and easily spend crypto as easy as using a debit card, without ever giving up control of their keys.

Faster & Cheaper

Combining micro-payment channels with the lastbit Bridge service, halves the number of transactions made through a bank leading to instant settlement of crypto transactions at a lower fee.


We abstract away all the complexity behind securely storing and managing your keys. Secure elements ensure that your keys never leave the device and authenticate all communication. Additionally, our firmware is completely verifiable.


If bitcoin-core was closed sourced, nobody would use it. For a truly free and independent financial system, transparency is key. All our code is completely open source, with even a DIY guide to build your own lastbit Hodler!

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