Towards a closed loop Bitcoin economy

A suite of financial tools to get started with bitcoin and lightning

Store, Send, Spend Bitcoin Instantly

Easy On-Ramps

Get started with Bitcoin on the Lightning Network by simply purchasing Bitcoin with your credit card


Easy Off-Ramps

Send Bitcoin to anyone over social media readily available to use on the Lightning Network or spendable on a personal debit card


Incentivized Spending

Your personal IBAN account to spend fiat and earn Bitcoin cashbacks that you can spend & send instantly!

Lastbit mobile (iOS & Android)


Bitcoin Wallet

A segwit compatible HD Bitcoin wallet conforming with the latest industry standards and BIP's. Use this wallet to make regular Bitcoin transactions

Lightning Wallet

Begin using the Lightning Network with zero setup. Send and Receive bitcoin instantly with negligible fees. Non-custodial option coming soon for advanced users.

Virtual Debit Cards

Your personal virtual debit card that can be topped up in EUR using Bitcoin over LN, all in 2 simple steps.

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The world's first Lightning powered consumer payments product

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