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Pay or Get Paid in Bitcoin or Euros

Low cost and instant. Built on the Bitcoin Lightning Network.

Cheap, instant payments for everyone

Lastbit Lite

  • Send/Receive Euros instantly via Bitcoin
  • Send/Receive Bitcoin on-chain or on Lightning
  • Pay or get paid by anyone through your profile

Lastbit Cards

  • Pay at any online or physical store where Mastercard is accepted with the lastbit card
  • Add funds over the lightning network to your card
  • Make bitcoin payments from your card

What is Lastbit under the hood?

A global payment network

Lastbit is a technology platform that connects various bitcoin exchanges around the globe, over the lightning network. This in effect, allows for the movement of funds instantly between various currencies and therefore, near-instant & global transactions for end users.

The lastbit lite and lastbit cards application are two examples of applications that can be built on top of lastbit’s payment network.

Imagine a global payment system where you can send $1 from the US to India in a few seconds with fees less than a cent, anytime, with or without a bank account. This is lastbit.

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Simulator Screen Shot - iPhone 11 - 2020-10-09 at 11.44.35

Pay Or Get Paid Instantly

Send Bitcoin and receive Euros or vice versa

Get your own lastbit card

Earn Bitcoin rewards, pay lightning invoices directly from your card and at any online/physical store with an instant bitcoin transaction

Fast Payments for Everyone

An all in one Bitcoin, Lightning and Euro wallet with zero setup required. 

Painless onboarding

Easy and intuitive. You do not have to stand on one leg and do a rain dance to prove you are real. Get setup and verified in less than 5 minutes!

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